Complain about the Chief Constable

  • If you would like to complain about the Chief Constable please contact Julia Mulligan
  • As Police and Crime Commissioner, it is Julia’s job to hold the Chief Constable to account regarding complaints.

Complaints against Chief Constable:

Julia Mulligan has received 22 potential complaints against the Chief Constable, Dave Jones, since his appointment in June 2013.  Six of those have been appropriately recorded as actual complaints.

There have been no substantiated complaints against the Chief Constable since his appointment. 

  • 16 were not recorded as they fell outside the definition of being a complaint
  • Two were recorded and then dis-applied (meaning a complaint was recorded but discharged because they did not meet the requirements for any further action to be taken)
  • Two were was recorded as a complaint and resolved via Local Resolution
  • Two were investigated independently and found that the Chief Constable had no case to answer 

For a complaint to be recorded it must fall within the description of complaints specified by the Police (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2012 at paragraph 3(2)(c), and where complaints do not fall within these descriptions there is no requirement for them to be recorded. Some complaints are required to be recorded but no action is required to be taken in respect of them  for example due to being repetitious, these types of complaints can be dis-applied. This information will be updated every six months.

Updated 05 July 2017