29 July, 2014

Julia Mulligan announces new proposals to tackle road safety issues in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Police will be increasing its capacity to deal with dangerous and anti-social behaviour on the roads, following an announcement today (29 July 2014) by North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mullligan.

Today the Commissioner, the Chief Constable and other members of the North Yorkshire Police Executive Board, signed off on a package of proposals to tackle road safety issues, after a survey revealed that 80 per cent of the public believe that road safety is a concern for residents in North Yorkshire.

The proposals, which were approved by the Board, include:

  • Developing a new community engagement scheme to give residents an active role in resolving local problems such as speeding and anti-social road use.
  • More training and education to change attitudes to road use.
  • A better “back-office” to handle road safety administration more efficiently.
  • Also approved as part of the package was an expansion in the number of camera safety vans from three to six, after analysis revealed that North Yorkshire Police has been under-resourced in comparison with other police forces covering a similar road area.

Commenting on the decision to progress these proposals, Julia Mulligan, the Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“Together with the Chief Constable, I am absolutely committed to improving road safety in our region, and I hope that the activities we have announced today will make a significant contribution to reducing fatalities, injuries and anti-social behaviour on our roads.

“The recent survey I undertook showed without question the vast majority of the public are concerned about road safety, and this shows we are taking those concerns seriously.

“By approving the proposals we have increased North Yorkshire Police’s capacity for enforcement to bring it into line with that of other comparable Forces, but I would also like to call upon the region’s drivers, bikers and cyclists to play their part, and help us to keep the roads safe for everyone.”

Decision Notice 008/2014: Safety Camera Van Operations / Criminal Justice Traffic Processing