Invitations to tender, with a value exceeding £10,000

All Police and Crime Commissioners are required to publish a copy of all invitations to tender for a contracts which have expected values in-excess of £10,000, to which the Commissioner or the Chief Constable is a party.

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner – Invitations to tender

North Yorkshire Police – Invitations to tender

The www.bluelight.gov.uk website provides an E-Tendering solution available to all Emergency Services for contracts over £50,000. A large number of Police Authorities and Fire & Rescue Services including North Yorkshire Police have signed up to this service.

  • To view awarded contracts go to www.bluelight.gov.uk
  • Click ‘Awarded Contracts’ on the menu on the left.
  • In the ‘Organisation’ field select North Yorkshire Police.
  • Finally, click the search button

The details available through www.bluelight.gov.uk currently includes, the Name of the contract, the lead organisation, the Start and End Date of the contract, and the Supplier/s the contract was awarded to. This list is updated on a regular basis as and when contracts are awarded, extended or expire.

All invitations to tender with a value exceeding £10,000 but are less than £50,000 will become available as soon as possible after publication in accordance with the Specified Information Order.